• Bridghette Parker

    Bridghette has been worked for the Roeper School in Detroit for 17 years in various capacities. Currently, she is the Advanced Placement Testing Coordinator and is the assistant to…

  • Dr. Kathleen Holton

    Dr. Holton is a Nutritional Neuroscientist who works at American University in Washington DC. Her research focuses on how dietary intake affects neurological…

  • Dr. Timothy Ehlinger

    Tim is the Director and Co-founder of the Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding at UW-Milwaukee and professor of Systems Ecology in the Center for Global Health Equity. He is an…

  • Michael Steinback

    Michael A. Steinback has spent his entire professional life in community service. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Santa Clara University and has held key positions in…

  • Cara Hoevet

    Programs & Finance Administrator

  • Layne Vandenberg

    Student, University of Michigan

  • Catherine Ross

    Student, Vanderbilt University

  • Olivia Maritz

    Student, Santa Clara University

  • Fredah Rajab

  • Michele Hovey

    M.Div., Founding Director of IPI