Sponsor an Amani Child

Our children are amazing, resilient souls who have overcome much adversity and each has a unique story. For less than $2 a day YOU can help end poverty and change the life of a child. Knowing that someone loves them and wants them to succeed is so meaningful to them. The children cherish notes of encouragement from their sponsors, hiding them away and re-reading them countless times. You DO make a difference!

Sponsoring an Amani child can be done at several levels:

  • Full sponsorship for a child is $2,500 ($210/month) provides tuition, books, a school uniform and all living expenses (food, housing and medical).
  • Education Plus sponsorship for a child is $1,250 ($105/month) provides tuition, books, a school uniform and meals for one year.
  • Education sponsorship for a child is $500 ($42/month) provides tuition, books, and a school uniform for one year.

If you are interested in sponsoring and building a relationship with a child at the Amani Home, please contact the IPI Administrator at cara.hoevet@ipeacei.org. You may also donate online and designate your gift go towards a sponsorship and you will receive a sponsorship packet shortly thereafter.

Thank you for making the difference in the life of a child and towards intercultural peace and understanding.

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Visit the Amani Home

Visitors to KACHNothing can prepare you for the life-altering experience you will have when you visit the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home. While you may go without some of the luxuries and comforts you are accustomed to, you will be rewarded by smiles from our children, the appreciation of our dedicated staff, or the embrace of a loving member of our community.

You may volunteer on a project at the home, work on the Tiriji farm, or help one of the children with their school work. Our guests at the home have all left the home longing to return.

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Fundraise with Us


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Host an Event

Host an event or fundraiser for IPI! We love to help our supporters spread the word and engage their friends and family at small gatherings, bake sales, school fundraisers and more. Contact Cara Hoevet at cara.hoevet@ipeacei.org for help brainstorming or planning for an event.



Since 2004, when the first interns visited IPI in Kenya, we have hosted many interns and volunteers who have worked in the areas of HIV/AIDS, women’s empowerment, women’s health, children’s welfare, spiritual growth, the environment, peacebuilding, sustainable development, alternative energy, and organic farming/permaculture. IPI is committed to provide experiential intercultural exchanges for grassroots social change. Contact us to discuss the opportunities.

During your internship, you may take part in a tour of Kenya. The safari is based on our belief that a visit to Kenya is incomplete if the social, health, and economic challenges people face are not experienced by the visitor. We will travel to different villages in between the visits to the national parks and game drives to spot the “big 5”. In total, eight different cultural communities are visited, including the Masaai, the Samburu, Turkana, Boran, Kalenjin, Meru, Kikuyu and Luhyia. The length of the stay at the Amani Home and the days of safari can be customized to meet your interests and schedule.

Associated Costs:

Costs include transport from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and meals and lodging while at the Amani Home. These amounts will be payable upon departure from the Amani Home.

  • Transport to and from Meru from Nairobi – $100 one way
  • Lodging and two meals per day (breakfast and supper) – $35 per person, per day
  • Lunch if on-site at KACH – $10 per person, per day

For more information on visiting the Home, please see our Visit Us page!