• IPI Update – Progress, Partnerships & Possibilities

    A Message from IPI Founder & President, Dr. Karambu Ringera It is almost the end of 2023! I feel like the year has flown by, but in good ways! We have accomplished so much this year. As we sent the kids back to school in January, it dawned on me

  • 2022 IPI Year-End Newsletter

    In this issue, learn about Yvonne, our stand-out student who’s setting the academic bar high for girls in Meru, Kenya, or about Jeremiah who is a recent ICSP graduate who now teaches at the IPI Polytechnic  School, or about the garden beds IPI partner, Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder helped KACH kids build,

  • IPI Update from Dr. Ringera!

    In Africa we say, when we walk together, we go far. Thank you for walking with us!

  • KACH Kids Are Thriving! Read IPI’s Fall 2021 Newsletter!

    Through your generosity and partnership, in 2021 alone we have been able to welcome new children into the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home, provide for the more than 80 children already in our care, complete a beautiful meeting space at Tiriji Eco-Center, continue construction on the boys dormitory, celebrate 10 of

  • Summer 2018 Newsletter

    SUMMER 2018 Dear Friends, During the five years I have served on the board of IPI and the 10 years I have been involved, I have seen the organization stick by its mission of moving vulnerable Kenyans from poverty and crisis to peace and stability, and hopefully changing the future

  • IPI Founder & President Wins Award

    September 1, 2017 – The McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University congratulates the three winners of the 2017 Catalyst Grant: Giorgi Akhmeteli of Georgia, Urmo Kübar of Estonia and Karambu Ringera of Kenya. As part of the Next Generation Leaders Program, the Catalyst Grant supports and encourages top

  • Summer 2017 Newsletter

    Summer 2017 Dear Friends, As we enjoy summer in the U.S., the children at IPI are working hard, as school is in session there. A highlight this summer was when a group of student visitors came and brought 100 baseball jerseys and caps and posters from the St. Louis Cardinals

  • From Gardener to Graduate

    Joy is one of our International College Scholars Program students, currently studying in the U.S. She was first introduced to IPI in 2011 when she began working as a gardener on-site at IPI-Kenya. She has an amazing story to share about how you, our supporters, have helped her achieve her

  • Kenya Election in the News

    The upcoming general elections taking place in Kenya on August 8 represent a potentially seminal moment in the country’s history. International Peace Initiatives has always provided peace programs in Kenya and has worked with local grassroots organizations as well. The upcoming Kenya elections in August have impacted the most vulnerable

  • Spring 2017 Newsletter

    Spring 2017 Dear Friends, I visited Kenya in January and was pleased to see so many happy and healthy children, all studying and working hard. Ensuring the children at the Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH) receive a quality education and excellent care always has been – and always will be