Huruma Program

Huruma means compassion in Swahili and that’s what the Huruma Program is all about: compassion. The Huruma Program is a student-driven, student-led leadership opportunity. This program fosters community-building both inside and outside the classroom through student service and action. Facilitated by IPI, the program offers a deeper understanding of other cultures and a growth of compassion for these cultures.

Above all, the Huruma Program’s focus is growing compassion. With a structured timeline of events throughout the school year, this program offers participating student organizations the benefit of a student-driven, student-led learning opportunity. The Huruma Program strives to plant the seeds of service, volunteerism, and charitable action in our students. With care and nourishment, these seeds will take root, grow, and bloom thereby fostering a lifetime of meaningful, purpose-driven humanitarian action and philanthropic service.

IPI will strive to provide whatever your students or school requires to run a successful, engaging program. For more information on the Huruma Program, please contact IPI Administrator Cara Hoevet at