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PSA Group PhotoMay 15th, 2010

Project South Africa is a service club at Silver Creek High School. Project South Africa has two main goals; to raise awareness about poverty in Africa, and to raise money to help those less fortunate in Africa.

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Hi All,

I am onto the fourth leg of this trip. I started off in Colorado, went to Seattle and then Boston. While in Boston, Emily and I sneaked into Vermont to see Ditra and Molly. Next was Ohio, Cleveland and Cincinnati with Nancy Hodous. Now I am headed for CA after which I will go back to Colorado for the final leg.

Let me start from the beginning. On landing Jody came for me at the airport and was waiting for me at the Internationals Arrivals, while I was at the Local Arrivals - remember, I came in through Minneapolis or Chicago, I forget which now – too much water under the bridge!! Poor gal, she waited for me (I had not graduated to an American cell owner yet) – this is what made Michele so mad that she got one for me – thanks Chel!!! So, when I called what I thought was her cell number, I mixed her home and cell phone numbers and that voice came through telling me she cannot be found – or something to that effect.. I thus took a shuttle and headed for the address down town Denver where I was supposed to stay the night before heading for Vail the next morning. Fortunately, Jody called her home, updated Kent, who sent me an email and once I got into the house I checked emails, responded to Kent’s message from Jody and to cut a long story short, Jody (bless her) was able to come where I was and we stayed there overnight, went to Church the next day with my Iliff friends Jinnie and Laura, had lunch after Church and then Jody and I left for Michele’s house in Vail and prepared to present at the Vail Symposium. Thank you Michele and Jody, for opening your homes for me – what I call ‘home-away-from-home. It is always a delight to spend time with you and your families.

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Dear Partners in Peace,

Happy holidays and a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous 2009!!!

I have been intending to write this e-mail for the last couple of weeks. Now I have to sit down and write it after all the kids have gone to sleep (by force – although it is after midnight!!). One was on Emily’s laptop and the other was braiding Emily’s hair. Although Emily was set to work, she is so sweet and will not tell the kids to let her work. So, I said everyone had to go to sleep NOW and that is why I am able to write this mail.

You may be wondering where I got the kids I am writing about from – for sure Gary and I have not made any babies – however, we have a couple of kids we take care of. They were living with my Mom and my sister (who lives with my Mom) but the cost of things among other reasons led them to send the kids back to their homes. The very next day, one of these kids, Vincent Mutuma (Beatrice’s son) lost his grandmother – the woman who was left to look after him. She died from high blood pressure complications. Vincent says that he had not yet told her why he had come to her home. So, Vincent came to me the next day with the sad news and the next step was to welcome him to my house. The day before, on the day all the kids were asked to leave, Morris came to me and said, “I have no where to go. You had asked me to come to your house a couple of months back, so can I come now?” Of course I could not say no.
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