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Intermediate-Term Outcomes / Does ICSP Work? - started IPI College Scholars Program (ICSP) with the idea that intelligent, enterprising, community-minded, young people could transform themselves and their community if they could get the knowledge, confidence, and social access that comes with a college degree. ICSP has supported six students in earning their undergraduate degrees, four of whom have graduated. The other two will graduate in 2014.  Please read more...08/2013 Newsletter link here

PSA’s Change for Change Coin Drive Raises Passion for Service—and Over $1,300! - Peace and Service for Africa has had a busy last few months. In February, we ran our Change for Change coin drive to support IPI and Dominic. We partnered with Altona Middle School, Eagle Crest Elementary, and Blue Mountain Elementary. A group of about 20 of our high school members traveled to the middle and elementary schools. Walking into the schools and seeing colorful posters on the walls and excitement in the kids was the most heartwarming things we have done as a group. A few kids at Blue Mountain emptied their piggy banks to help this man they have only seen pictures of.  Please read more...04/2013 Newsletter link here

Peacemaking is a Path that Goes Both Directions - Dominic Muriuki’s life has been changed by the students at Silver Creek High School, who have mobilized for years to enable Dominic to complete his undergraduate degree and now his master’s program. At the same time, Dominic’s story and fine character have inspired students to value education and promote peace in their daily lives. Ali Trip, who writes our lead piece, is a sophomore at Silver Creek High School in the Peace and Service for Africa (PSA) club. Below, she reflects on her contact with Dominic and what involvement in PSA have meant to her. Thank you, Ali, and thank you PSA!  Please read Ali's story...03/2012 Newsletter link here

Ben's Story - In His Own Words... Please take a few minutes this holiday season to think what it must be like to be an orphan. Maybe you think of foster care and social services. Not a pleasant thought. Now imagine you were born in Kenya, where you are one of millions of orphans and there are no social institutions to support you. You are at the mercy of family and fate, neither of which are kind. Ben Muriuki became a “total orphan” when both parents died in the same week when he was in high school. From that moment, he became the head of his household and sole supporter of his younger brother and sister. Nearly $1,500 was raised on his behalf after the funeral, but the uncle in charge pocketed the money. Ben’s future, and that of his brother and sister, looked bleak indeed. Ben sent me his story in his own words and asked that it be shared with ICSP supporters with his deepest gratitude. Ben’s is a story of the courage to hope.  Please read his story...12/2011 Newsletter link here

Dominic Lands in Longmont! On Wednesday, April 6, Dominic landed in Denver, and I don’t think Dominic, or those he’s been with, will ever be the same! He was generously hosted by Ann and Mark Kessel, and then by Jerry, Elizabeth, Abby, and Alec Crissafulli. During his 3+ weeks in Longmont, Dominic enjoyed several home stays with students of Silver Creek High School’s Peace and Service Africa (PSA) club, and their teacher-sponsor, Ms. Justelle Grandsaert.  Read more...06/2011 Newsletter link here

IPI College Scholars Program: Among the poor in Kenya, income and life attainment aren’t much better for those who complete high school compared to those who don’t.  To overcome poverty, further education is needed after high school in order to obtain vocational skills or professional credentials.

What is the College Scholars Program?

The IPI College Scholars Program (ICSP) supports promising candidates in attaining postsecondary vocational training and bachelor’s degrees.  We pay school fees and living expenses, when needed, that enable individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty.

IPI College Scholars are extraordinary individuals, who have exhibited high achievement and strong commitment to their families and community in spite of overwhelming obstacles. All ICSP scholars are from low-income households in which at least one parent has died. Many are older brothers and sisters who, during secondary school, became heads of households responsible for raising their siblings. They may have missed weeks or months of high school at a time because they had to work to support siblings or and/or an ailing parent.

Most ICSP students attend college in Kenya, either in Nairobi or their home area of Meru. All aspire to give back to their families and communities.  Results so far have been remarkable:

  • Our students are excelling in college and completing degrees that prepare them to be teachers, doctors, and social workers.  They envision professional careers and have become entrepreneurial in pursuing graduate school funding;
  • Relatives who used to shun these students and their families now treat them with respect, even offering material support;
  • Younger siblings, instilled with hope, are performing better in school;
  • Students themselves are giving back to their communities by tutoring at their former high schools, volunteering in community organizations, and becoming leaders at the colleges they attend.

These outcomes are documented in a movie made by IPI supporters who went to Kenya and filmed Education is Hope (see http://www.wix.com/tcboo8/Education-is-Hope).

Since ICSP was founded in 2006, the program has supported five students in obtaining their undergraduate degrees in teaching, medicine, and business. ICSP has raised over $100,000, all in private donations

ICSP Scholars

ICSP Scholars (L to R) Ben, Prisca, Dominic and Fredah, with IPI-Board Chair Ann Kessel in Kenya, 2009

How Much Does College Cost?

In Kenya, costs are about $6,000 (US) per year for each student. We seek $30,000 each year to keep a handful of students in school.

Please consider supporting an IPI College Scholar for a term ($1,500), a year, or more.  ICSP provides powerful opportunities to build bridges between the US and Kenya.  IPI College Scholars write and speak English quite well, and rewarding connections have been made between our students and U.S. students in high school and middle school classes and clubs.

Visit our Scholars and Sponsors page to learn more about ICSP Scholars or find out more about who sponsors our scholars.

Contact Eamon Aloyo, ICSP Director, for more information or to sponsor a specific student. To designate a donation, just write ICSP in the memo line of your check.  

Eamon Aloyo

Thanks in advance for your support!